Passionate About Helping Business Owners Grow

SEO Examples

To the right are examples of sites and web pages where I've applied SEO strategies, covering technical, content, on-page, and off-page SEO/SEM techniques: At Right at Home, I played a pivotal role in the overhaul of our global website, spearheading the SEO strategy and execution. This involved collaborating closely with internal departments, external developers, and stakeholders to oversee the entire process from inception to launch.

My responsibilities encompassed comprehensive keyword research, optimization of site content for both local and global audiences, and the cultivation of brand visibility.

Additionally, I led a dedicated team in supporting over 400 Global Franchisees in enhancing their online presence through strategic SEO initiatives and leveraging search engine visibility. In this capacity, I formulated and implemented streamlined processes to ensure the team operated efficiently and remained focused on achieving our objectives. You can learn more about Right at Home at

Marketing Consultant

As a Marketing Consultant, I cater to both small and large business owners, including franchise operators, to elevate their ventures. Drawing on my role as a Marketing Director, I recognize the pivotal role a robust marketing strategy plays in business growth.

My mission is clear: to conceive and implement imaginative marketing campaigns that attract quality leads to your business or franchise. With a comprehensive background in traditional marketing, SEO, SEM, and digital marketing, I'm dedicated to crafting innovative solutions that connect you with new customers.

With over two decades of experience supporting corporate business owners, I grasp the critical importance of an effective marketing strategy in driving your bottom line. Known for my articulate communication, self-driven nature, and results-oriented approach, I've consistently delivered successful marketing, branding, advertising, and public relations endeavors.

I'm eager to collaborate with you to develop a winning marketing strategy that aligns with your objectives and propels your success. Let's work together to achieve your goals.